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3 Articles on revitalization

Pulled from the PBS site from the previous post, here are three articles about revitalization efforts

Blackfeet immersion program

Choctaw language at an Alabama elementary school.



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“Native Now” on talks language

Within the We Shall Remain section the (itself pretty interesting) you can find an area called “Native Now” which has a few videos on native languages.

The intro is here.

You can view additional videos on Cherokee, Shawnee and Nipmuc on the same page. The Nipmuc teacher, David Tall Pine White, is also featured in this article.

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“Guardians of Tradition”

The Bulletin of Bend, Oregon recently ran a story on the efforts of an Warm Springs elder and her apprentice to pass on their language to a new generation. The language in question, Ishichkin (I’ve seen Ichishkiin also) can also be termed Sahaptin. It is grouped with Nez Perce in a subgroup of the Plateau Penutian family called Sahaptian.

Full story.

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“Language and Meaning”

Krista Tippet’s “Speaking of Faith” radio series recently included an episode titled “Language and Meaning – an Ojibwe Story” with David Treuer. The page includes an interview with Treuer,  an Ojibwe writer, as well as other links and resources relating to revitalization and Native American identity.

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Chickasaw language class offered at Byng Public Schools

There will be a class this year on Chickasaw at Byng Public Schools in Ada, Oklahoma. Chickasaw is a Muskogean language indigenous to the Southern US. Nowadays it is found primarily in Oklahaoma as are many other native languages.

Other living Muskogean languages include Creek and Choctaw.

Full story.

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Dear Gov. Schwarzenegger

A letter to Governor Schwarzengger of California that recently appeared on Indian Country Today.

It refers to AB 544 (Coto), a legislative bill going to the desk of the governor. This bill deals with giving a particular type of teaching credential to teachers of Native American languages in California.

Full story.

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Article about a few revitalization efforts

Here’s a article about revitalization. There’s even a small bit about a critic of the movement. I take issue with this critic’s assertions but I suppose there’s got to be at least one detractor for every cause.

Full story.

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