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A contrary view on language death

I ran across this article today by linguist John McWhorter of Columbia University. He makes some good points why losing a language shouldn’t necessarily mean the loss of a culture, but if everyone thought like he did there would probably be no native languages left.

Full story.



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National Geographic blog article on NA languages

full story.

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Finding Our Talk

A Canadian company, Mushkeg Media, produces a documentary video series called “Finding Our Talk” about indigenous languages. There are now three seasons of the series with 13 thirty-minute episodes each.

This is a really interesting find, but unfortunately it is priced way out of the reach of the average person. Even a DVD with just one episode is priced around $30 (presumably Canadian). A whole season will set you back $350.

Here is the Finding Our Talk project page.

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90-year-old Archie Thompson works with youngsters to keep the Yurok language alive in California.

Full story.


For more information on the Yurok language visit UC Berkeley’s Yurok Language Project.

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Endangered Languages Information and Infrastructure Workshop

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the University of Utah will host  Endangered Languages Information and Infrastructure Workshop November 12-14, 2009.

Also, recently there was an article connected with the above event mentioning  endangered languages in Canada.


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A new dictionary for Barona

A new dictionary has been published for the Diegueño/Kumeyaay people of the Barona Indian Reservation in San Diego County, California.

Full story.

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Mispronouncing Hawaiian

hC. Keith Hagen wrote an article about the recent success of the Hawaiian language in the state. And apparently, mispronunciations still abound.

Full story.

Hagen has two shows on Hawaii Public Radio.

Ke Aolama, The Hawaiian Language Newscast
KIPO 89.3 FM - Weekdays at 8:33
Hawaiian Word of the Day - 
KHPR 88.1 FM, during Morning Edition & All Things Considered,
KIPO 89.3 FM, during Forward

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