Restoring Ojibwe

Here’s a fascinating hour-long video produced by Twin Cities Public Television on efforts to promote and maintain Ojibwe in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

First Speakers: Restoring the Ojibwe Language


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Here’s a story from Alaska Public Radio about revitalizing or better, resuscitating, the Eyak language in Alaska. A website has been set up to help.


Eyak Language Project

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Ho-Chunk (Winnebago)

Efforts are underway in Wisconsin to preserve a Siouan language known as Ho-Chunk (or Winnebago).

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Here’s a story about revitalizing a Yokutsan language in California called Choinimni (or Choinumni).

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Potawatomi lessons in Michigan

Full story.

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School officials laud Lakota language program

Full story here.

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A site for Abenaki, a highly endangered Algonguian language spoken in the area of Ontario, New Hampshire and Vermont.

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