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Here’s a story about revitalizing a Yokutsan language in California called Choinimni (or Choinumni).


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90-year-old Archie Thompson works with youngsters to keep the Yurok language alive in California.

Full story.


For more information on the Yurok language visit UC Berkeley’s Yurok Language Project.

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A new dictionary for Barona

A new dictionary has been published for the DiegueƱo/Kumeyaay people of the Barona Indian Reservation in San Diego County, California.

Full story.

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Dear Gov. Schwarzenegger

A letter to Governor Schwarzengger of California that recently appeared on Indian Country Today.

It refers to AB 544 (Coto), a legislative bill going to the desk of the governor. This bill deals with giving a particular type of teaching credential to teachers of Native American languages in California.

Full story.

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Article from Sacramento Bee

Another story about revitalization efforts in California.

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Language is Life, Sept 4-6, UC Davis

“Sept. 4-6, Friday-Sunday — More than 200 California Indians will gather at UC Davis over Labor Day weekend for the ninth biennial Language Is Life Gathering, a conference dedicated to native language restoration and revival.”

Full story here

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