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Inupiaq language short film “Sikumi”

I’m not sure if this is the first film ever done in Inupiaq or not, but it might be the only one available for free on youtube. It’s a short film, about 15 minutes, about a murder that takes place on the frozen sea. In fact, the title itself means “on the ice”.Personally, I find the fact that the dialogue is in an indigenous language much more interesting than the story itself.

Incidentally, in 2008 Sikumi won the Jury Prize for short filmmaking at Sundance.

Youtube video.

Official website.


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Some links to Arctic languages

Info on Inuktitut grammar

More info on Inuktitut grammar (at geocities, which I thought was shut down)

Nunavut Living Dictionary

Tusaalanga Inuktitut site (lessons, grammar, Inuktitut syllabics)

Greenlandic – A Simple Introduction

Inupiaq dictionary

Inupiaq phrasebook

Inupiaq parser

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