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Iroquoian languages, other than Cherokee

Probably the most famous of all the Iroqouian-speaking peoples are the Cherokee , but there are others. Names like Mohawk and Oneida will sound familiar to most, though the identification might not go further than hairstyles and appliances.

But these are actually names of Iroquoian-speaking tribes in the northern US and southern Canada. Like nearly all native peoples in the US, their languages are endangered. Here are a few links to some of their revival efforts.

Oneida Language Revitalization Program

Oneida Language Tools at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay…notice the teaching grammar .pdf available for download.

Mohawk lessons at has some information on standardizing Mohawk.

Ohwejagehka: Iroquoian languages in general.

And last but not least today is the highly endangered language, Mingo.


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